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Originally Posted by oronnya
[...] Shakib hugging Saghir, simply tells you how he appreciated Shaghir's effort !!! You can tell how these boys love Shakib.. just see the winning moment.. They were all over Shakib including Saghir.. So let's just stop making an issue out of nothing!!!
We always see bowlers screaming at their fielders when a catch is dropped or the fielding is sloppy and batsmen screaming at their partners when they don't agree on the calls for rbw. Things happen in the heat of the moment when you are out there in the middle, and terms like 'spirit of the game', 'sportsmanship', and match referees exist for a reason. Two players could be the best of buddies and soulmates on and off the field, but a kick is a kick - and repeating myself here - has no place in the game. I don't think Shakib's passion is being questioned here. I personally rate Pavel as the best keeper in Bangladesh, and I am happy that Shakib recognized that he roped Pavel in his team.
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