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Default Siddique named 'Most Intriguing Man 2012' (satire)

BC: How does it feel to be the Most Intriguing Man Alive 2012?
JS: Well, I don't think I am Denzel Washington. I mean I am sure Safehouse would be a good film..but yeah I rock.

BC: Okay....Well your innings..
JS: Was highest by a Bangladeshi ever in T20? A masterpiece?

BC: Yes besides that- consisted of five sixes. How did you do that?
JS: Well I picture them in the air and then Click! it happens. I sort of imagine the sixes like Michaelangelo imagines the inner sculpture before he actually carves out and thus I manifest them.

BC: Wow! Never heard that before. Now Marlon Samuels. What was going through when he hit those fours and deprived you your chance of century?
JS: Marlon is a great friend and hero of mine. Loved his cameo. But yeah- you are right, I was the highest scorer on that day and I think I am what

BC: Third highest scorer in BPL.
JS: Yes, second highest scorer in BPL. Cuz you see Gayle is a type not a token.

BC: Gotcha. Gotcha.
JS: Now technically "I" am the highest scorer of BPL because..
BC: ...because Gayle left.
[all laughs]

JS: So back to me. Yes, I don't think I can say any of my sixes was more beautiful than other but yes I rock.

BC: But still you couldn't score that first century by a Bangladeshi.
JS: Well at least I didn't die at 99. I stayed unbeaten. So yeah.

BC: What do you think of Ash's statuesque half-c?
JS: Compared to mine? They need to invent a new space-time faceplam for that.

BC: Clearly the score got to your hea..
JS: Sylhet Royals is a joke. I have scored 58 off 89 runs in sixes and fours. Which equals Bangladesh score vs West Indies.

BC: Well someone just informed us...
JS: Duronto Rajshahi has most number of points in BPL thanks to me?

BC: ...yes that and highest scorer Bangladeshi was your 71 vs Pakistan. How does it feel..
JS: Well I did set the bar high and I did break it. So yeah. I think it's a left-handers think. Gayle and I are both left-handed you see.

BC: I am sure all 160-170 million of us now want to be like you. What is more intriguing about you than your dark eyes?
JS: Well I scored 161 vs Dhaka in NPL last December so yes that's true I am in great form.

BC: Tell the female viewers something about yourself.
JS: Call me just Imrose please.

BC: Btw...congrats on your innings. We(I) still haven't seen it yet. Need to find highlights.
JS: Sure. The fours were brilliant too.

Originally Posted by nadim 98
Here is bit ofJunaid's batting. Only first 6 overs included with no commentary hence the DR theme song

Video started to lag + juanid gone slow and started taking single (s) + need some ghum = not able to record the full innings.

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