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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
Bhai let me say the first person to get sacked from any team is the coach. Coaches come and go but players have the luxury of being around long after any coach has gone. Just see what's happened to Dean Jones with Chittagong Kings.

Rightly (or wrongly in my view) the coaches are judged on the players ability to execute plans. The coaches job is to develop skill levels, awareness, tactics, mindsets and technique - but it counts for nothing if the players do not use that and instead go out and fail to execute it.

You can have the best planning in the world but you only as good as the players taking the field to deliver it.

I don't see this as back foot defence or trying to sidestep any responsibility. I am firmly saying the players are the ones doing the playing. If you wanna slag off the coach or heap praise on the coach, that is your choice. The fools who shout "bhua, bhua" from the stands when people are trying their best, are the ones who don't get what it happening.

From my viewpoint personally, while I was here with the national team we won 10 from 14 matches played. Those stats go on my record as coach. We could have lost all 14 matches. I would still be the same coach.

The fact is Dale Steyn is one of my former students. The fact he has gone on to become the world's best fast bowlers is also true.

I don't "claim" these successes as mine.... I state them as facts.

Dale Steyn could have become the world's WORST fast bowler. I still would have been his coach.

A coach doesn't make a player bad or good overnight. Only a player can do that himself.
Very well said.

The difference between a good coach and a bad coach is that, a good coach knows how to have a better influence on a player's ability ... That's his Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. Although this BPL had very less time for the coaches to have any real influence. While the negatives are inherent to a player and positives are somewhat induced by a coach, because a coach never (exceptions are there) teaches negativity. So, a coach even for a short time always gets a credit for being able to even hold on to the existing positives of a player.

I don't want to blame/assess any coach in this tournament. The only job a coach could have done in such short period is to assess the players abilities and get the right combination to implement the plan. if vital players like Azhar and Mash is out of playing 11, what the coach can do?? And don't bother about 'Bhua' because, people sometimes just say it for fun....

But I enjoyed your response to the Bangla post and in a Bangla way starting with bhai....

Any way well done so far, since i have seen some positive changes in some of the players during this tournament. Butjust don't get it right against BB, rest is ok...
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