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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Shakib = player

Shakib performs => KRB wins

Shakib performs => Bangladesh wins

Shakib != your husband

Shakib != your dulabhai

Shakib != the man your kids should grow up idolizing as far as behavioral matters are concerned

Yes, many feel that sports icons are obliged to display exemplary behavior when it comes to matters outside of sports. I don't know who is right or wrong (just kidding, I know I'm right), but I believe otherwise. Sportsmen and sportswomen are humans first and are free to choose how they lead their lives, interact with people in their surroundings and respond to stressful situations. Your kids are your responsibility and it's up to you to teach them how you want them to behave in public. Shakib isn't your kid's father (or at least I hope, for your sake, that he isn't) and shouldn't have to curb his habits because they might screw up your child for good because you aren't the kind of parent you want to be.

If you really need a personality to look up to, go find that in your teachers, girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, parents, kids. Let a sport icon be what he is - someone who plays and wins.

Galigalaj is very much a part of the game. Happens in the golir match, parar match, at the school level, club, regional, age group, international levels - you name it. So he sent Nasir off - what was he supposed to do, shake his hand, get down on one knee and propose to him out of guilt? The man couldn't do what he was sent out to do, i.e. bat, and clearly didn't belong there. So he felt like asking him to bleep off and did it, none of anyone else's business.

About the kicking incident, if it had been so bad, he would have been fined for it. That's what the officials are there for. If they don't seem to be bothered, then why should we bother?

PS: Note the use of the pronoun "you" doesn't imply I'm pointing my fingers at anyone in particular. In fact, I don't even know who did or did not post here regarding this matter. All I did was skim through some posts and read the points made.
But you are glossing over the fact, for Shakib to be supremely uberdevil ubermansch he NEEDS to eliminate character flaws. That is our expectations. What would you rather have a Shakib who is perfect and flawless in sports or a Shakib who is perfect and flawless in sports AND daily life? He is our messiah. He is our saint. That's why we want the best out of him. Surely if a MIT professor smokes hashish in his personal life you would frown down upon his reputation, no?

That is our point Atimar bhai. Amra fans. We just like to dream big. Ei khali. Amra chai amader gourob, amader orjon, amader chocker onjoli Shakib jate shudu boro khelowar no houk Atimar bhai kintoo jeno boro ek manush houk sheta jeno amra gorber shohit bolite pari. He manush, he karagor prohoir, Shakib jate ovotor ebong immortal ogni noor "being" e porinoto hoy shei amra kamna kori. Shakib jeno kono parking ticket, credit card debt theke arombho kore jate anguler nokh kete ek adorsho, shudirsho, uttom, shikhay porinito hoy shei amra kamna kori.

God bless USA! God bless Bangladesh! God bless Chad!
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