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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Thakn you for posting this. Three years to the day. I was actually in Dhaka that day just a few streets off of the BDR campus. I am an Army brat and I have lots of relatives and friends who are in the Army. We lost some great men that day. And we still do not know the true story behind it. Granted, there has always been resentment amongst the BDR rank and file at the deputed Army officers who lord over them, but to transform the resentment into a massacred requires an external agent throwing a lit flame into the tinderbox. Who?
I think we all have our suspicions, don't we?

What I find most regrettable is that we had troops ready to go in, but they were being held at bay while "peaceful" negotiations were "being carried out". With all due respect, this is the military we are talking about. There are no "peaceful" or "negotiated" responses to mutiny.

Sadly, one of the aftermaths I am seeing to this is the decision by many talented junior officers not to continue pursuing their careers in our armed forces. And I cannot really blame them -- it's one thing to be willing to sacrifice your life for your country; but when both your nation and your government fails you...
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