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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Granted, there has always been resentment amongst the BDR rank and file at the deputed Army officers who lord over them, but to transform the resentment into a massacred requires an external agent throwing a lit flame into the tinderbox. Who?
Raw/Mossad/ISI ???
Don't ask me why I think but I think probably they helped or GHOLA PANITA maach shikar korcha.Then again why they would do that? I don't know the answer.
Now why I don't think it was done ONLY by BDR Jawaan?
1. Many BDR or supposed BDR Jawaan wore mask in 25th February BDR mutiny in Pilkhana.Why? Yes to hide themself from future prosecution.Is it not possible that the TRAINED killers were also amongst them?
2.I saw in news many BDR Jawaan were crying because they're army officers died.I find it difficult to believe that because of some undisputed issues they will kill their 100 brothers !!!
3.Why only this best 100 army officers and that too within first our of mutiny!!!
4.Why army wasn't allowed to get in and take action in Pilkhana? To save whom?
5.Are this BDR Jawaan so dumb that they believed if they kill this army officers it will solve their problems?

Hope someone will explain me this questions as I want know as a Bangladeshi.
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