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Originally Posted by Raynman
CTG is 0.078 in 10 matches so total of .78

KHL is .277 in 9 so total of 2.493. They will have to lose by a net RR of 1.713 or 35 runs.

For DHK its 37 runs. NRR is 1.803.

if they lose in setting the target, the opponent will have to chase down in 14-16 overs
Here's something I have been trying to grasp. Suppose KHL scores 120 in 20 overs and DHK is all out for 20 in 3 overs, DHK's nrr is still > CTG.

Is the implication then for DHK is to go gung ho, even if they are all out well before the 30 overs if their rr is high? For example better to score 100 all out in 10 overs at rr of 9 than 150 for 6 in 20 overs with rr of 7.5?
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