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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
If the team bats 2nd and Loses the match within allocated overs, to calculate NRR, it always considers that the losing team played full quota of the overs. So, based on your assumption, if DHK scores 20/3 in 3 overs chasing 120 runs (suppose KHL scored 119/4, 20 overs)

DHK's NRR will be:

For => 20/20 =1
Against => 119/20 = 5.95

So, DHK's NRR = 1-5.95 = (minus) - 4.95

Scenario 2:

If both teams get out within their allocated overs, (suppose KHL bowled out at 17 overs and DHK bowed out at 16 overs) then to calculate NRR, it has to consider that both team played 20 overs.
Thanks Rinku. It's the 20 overs part that makes sense. Otherwise ..... dhum dharakka maro ar out how...
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