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This H2H is pretty darn confusing.

What if Dhaka had the same number of wins as the other two ? What would be the deciding factor there. NRR ? So the highest NRR goes thru and we are down to H2H between the remaining two. if their no of wins also matches we do a NRR again. So technically the H2H is only interfereing when there are two teams so therefore its not the following deciding factor after points if three or more teams have the same no of points.(H2H between three, as previous, is ridiculus. What were they thinking?)

And now since Dhaka is thru with most no of wins out of three, we are doing a H2h between kings and burners.

So basically no one knows which would be the deciding factor, the NRR or H2H if you have the same points. To know that you also have to take into account the no of teams who have the same points and additionally the no of wins you have with each other.

Intresting if we knew about this before but it looks pretty stupid right now.
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