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Originally Posted by tiger_2007
I disagree. PAK players should always be there in BPL to make the tournament alternative to IPL crap. IPL would have much higher had there been PAK players with all rumors and so on. Mind you, PAK players are genuinely talented. NO doubt about it. Look at the team as how they are performing even after all those controversies. We should always welcome all players from across the globe to make BPL next to IPL. Currently, we are including associate players in BPL in this season which is generating curiosity among associate cricket nations. Just think about the fans from Zimbabwe or Ireland, they MUST be for their players playing at this level.

So far, I like the business model for BPL but it needs to be a little more professional. I am sure it will get there over time.

Like playmaker has mentioned, IPL has done decently enough without pakistani players. No one here doubts that pakistani players have talent - they've been playing cricket for a very long time, and have a better first class competition relative to us. The problem is, if you haven't noticed, they're trouble-makers in the cricket world, and this has been proven over and over again. Talent is not only located in pakistan, and there'll be plenty more talent to be found next BPL season. That is, if this tournament doesn't disgrace itself and our nation through these illegal dealings initiated at least one of these pakistani players, in which case there may not be a second season.
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