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Originally Posted by nadim 98
I hope DG wins for once.

Winner will play in the CL. and i want a strong team from Bangladesh to represent in CL, not a one man show
Originally Posted by Dilscoop
I thought they don't get to go clt20? But that's true. Now I want DG to win. Will Pollard, Afridi, Ajmal play for bpl team or bb/ipl teams?
Originally Posted by nadim 98
If pollard's ipl or Caribbean T20 team doesn't get in CL then likely..otherwise dont think so. for A and A, definitely yes

Then again, if DG owner pay enough money to these players.
Originally Posted by rinathq
I know at least Mahmood, Stevens, Ajmal, Naved and Afridi will be available.
None of Afridi, Naved's team made it to final in BB so they would obviously play for us.
Dunno about Mahmood and Stevens as their teams can go from England county and besides, Mahmood and Stevens both will get paid more from playing with DG. But now we have Zia too so thats good.
That's great news! Thanks very much Nadim, Dilscoop and rinathq.
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