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1st Semi-final: 'It is a big shame'
Post-match Press Conference

Yesterday Posted By: staff

Rajshahi skipper Mushfiqur Rahim answered questions from the media after his side were roundly beaten in the BPL semi-finals by Barisal Burners.

Question: What are your thoughts on the match?
Mushfiqur Rahim (MR): We made a good comeback after losing our top three batsmen cheaply. The top three batsmen of the Barisal Burners are the main batsmen. We knew they would attack in the Powerplay and our main target was to get an early wicket, which would put them under pressure, because 184 is a very good score on that track. And chasing in a knockout game, they would also be under pressure. But we dropped two catches in two overs off two of their big players. We should have availed those chances, we did not and you know the result of that.

Q: There has been some back and forth between which of Barisal or Chittagong you will face today. When did you find out for sure?
MR: We knew till the evening when we were going back to our rooms that we would be playing Barisal, but then we learned that Chittagong were ahead on a head-to-head basis, so I went to sleep knowing that we would play Chittagong. Then I woke up to the news that in fact it would be Barisal, so that shows how organised this tournament is. This is nothing abnormal, it is quite normal, so we took it in our side.

Q: Did the uncertainty affect your preparations?
MR: No, we played Barisal twice and Chittagong twice, so we were prepared. Our team meetings are held in the early morning, so when we learned that we were to play Barisal we planned accordingly.

Q: Does the mismanagement reflect badly on the country?
MR: Definitely, it is such a tournament that is being broadcasted worldwide, and it has been shown to be disorganised. In Barisal’s match against Chittagong they were told that they would go through if they won in sixteen overs, they did and the following day it was said that Chittagong would go through. As I said, maybe it is only possible in Bangladesh, so of course it is a big shame.

Q: Do you think all the spot-fixing and match-fixing issues will have a negative impact on the young local players?
MR: I cannot say that it does not influence the young players in some way or the other. When they see players from big teams doing such things, they may get influenced. But our job is to play cricket day in and day out, it is our routine and whoever can overcome these issues and play well they will rise.

Q: In light of all the controversies -- the spot-fixing, the semi-final mix-up and the player payment problems -- what is your take on the BPL as the captain of the national team?
MR: You can say that it (BPL) was a big opportunity for us to perform and also a big experience. But in the other respects this is a most disorganised tournament, not just in matters of payment. And it is not just us local players. There are foreign players in many teams who have not been paid. There was a commitment that we would be paid seventy-five percent of our fees when the tournament ends, but till now we have not been paid according to that percentage. We have been paid, not the committed account, but some of it.

Q:How much exactly have you been paid?
MR: Around forty-fifty percent.

Q: After all the mismanagement, do you think the tournament was organised too hurriedly and it would have been better if it did not happen at all?
MR: If you think from various perspectives, it now seems like that. But it was also an opportunity for us, it is known that we do not play T20 that well, and we have learnt a lot. In our team there are Marlon Samuels, Abdul Razzaq and Mohammad Sami from whom we have learnt a lot through talking about the game. From a cricketing perspective, it has benefited the local players. But in off-the-field matters, the organisers have to sit and think about how they have gone about the business, because it is also matter of finances, and if there are no guarantees it can be questioned whether those who have turned up will play in the future.


Barisal Burners captain Brad Hodge was in good spirits after leading his team to the final, and answered questions at the post-match press conference.

Question: We heard that you had gone to the airport last night thinking that Barisal were out of the tournament? Is it true?
Brad Hodge (BH):
Yes, I went to the airport and I was waiting for the information whether we were playing or not. If we were not I wanted to go back home as soon as possible because my boy is a little sick. But I heard we were playing, so I came back and we played and we won. So it is good.

Q: How strange was the situation to you?
BH: There was a bit of strange message yesterday. But I think justice has prevailed. The match that we played against Chittagong (on Sunday) was an amazing match. It showed that Barisal Burners are the quality that deserves to be in the final, so I think justice was done.

Q: Mushfiqur Rahim said that the mismanagement is a disgrace for the tournament. Do you agree?
I am not sure it is a disgrace, I think what you need to do is simplify the rules. Mainly because the tournament went so quickly that the laws and the cricket really did not get simplified. I am just a player, my job is to play cricket and let the administrators sort out the mess. There should not be that level of confusion after we won against Chittagong. Clearly everyone knew, including Chittagong, that we were in the semi-finals. Then 24 hours later it changes, so we only did what we were told we had to do.

Q: Have you ever seen anything like this in other tournaments?
Look, I think this has been a good tournament. It has been successful, the crowds have been good and it has attracted some very good players. I think it will grow, but there are little issues which need to improve. But the cricket has been good, which is the main thing.

Q: Mushfiqur also mentioned the payment issue, what is your take on that?
I am probably speaking for everyone when I say that player payments have not been on time. But I am very confident that that will happen. I think there is some kind of note that needs to be passed from the BCB to the owners for the players to be paid, so that takes time. That is the sort of mess that needs to be sorted. The situation is that most of the guys have been paid half, some twenty-five percent, some seventy-five percent.

Q: Do you think, with all the controversies surrounding the tournament, the BPL can retain it’s legitimacy?
I think every tournament has some teething issues that are brought up. It is just another day in cricket. These things happen all the time. Seems to be a bit stranger in this part of the world, but it does happen. But look, the issue (semi-final qualification) was rectified, it took seven hours to rectify it and as I said in the end justice was done.

Q: Having played in the first edition of the IPL also, how would you compare the BPL to its Indian counterpart?
I think the difference between India and Bangladesh is the depth in the squads. Every tournament is a bit strange at first. You do not know the conditions, the local players. It takes time to understand what those players are like. Like the IPL there has been a lot of razzmatazz in the first year. Every tournament is the same for a player, you try and perform your best, whether it is in England, South Africa, Australia or Bangladesh. You just try to win.

Q: Do you think the presence of overseas players will benefit local youngsters?
It has to, I think in any tournament if you bring in good quality overseas player it is good for the youngsters. If they do not learn, then they are silly. Our quality is here to teach, so if they do not want to learn or watch or listen, then it is their own fault; they will fall back and other youngsters will come through and benefit. This is why we are here, we attract crowds, we attract TV, so this will help Bangladeshi cricket like it has helped Indian cricket in T20s.


Please don't judge him without knowing the complete story. Cut him some slack. We all know how reporters ask tricky questions. It's a part of learning experience for young Mushfiq.
btw, I loved the way how Hodge commented. Hopefully Mushfiq learned a thing or two from it.

ps. Thanks Nadim98 for the link.
-- Alwayz with !!! Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, and a vision!
-- Bangladesh are the Runners-up in the 2012 ASIA Cup!

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