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Originally Posted by Equinox
Lol everyone complaining about the semi-final situation and he does the same and he becomes a cry-baby? As the captain of a team, how can he prepare for a semi-final not knowing which team he is going to face and finding out on the morning of the match? How is there any credibility left after that? And from what I read above he isn't blaming the loss on this at all, even in the presentation he distinctly blamed the dropped catches for the loss. His only point is that it doesn't look good to the rest of the world. So if a reporter asks him on his reaction to this ****up what is he meant to say? It happens? Umm NEWSFLASH no it doesn't happen. I don't understand why in any way it would affect his credibility as national team captain.

As for the payment issue, the franchises made a commitment to the players. And I agree there is no need to throw a tantrum over this especially since a significant portion has already been paid and the tournament just finished. But he also may just be relaying the complaints the foreign players might have. To them a commitment is a commitment.
Agreed whole-heartedly.

Mushfiq's honesty and integrity comes through time and time again through his body-language and in the way he carries himself not only as a national cricketer, but also as a human being. As Equinox pointed out, Mushy pointed out exactly where his frustration lies about the loss. We should rather be commending him for being outspoken in front of the local media, especially being a prime figure in a society like ours.

Having said that, Mushfiq could have handled the questions on payments more diplomatically. Not keeping commitments is certainly not a surprise to him, and trying to be so blunt about his own employers will probably come back to bite his own rear.
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