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I told ya that DG is going to the final.. .. Let me give you a consipiracy theory here

2011 world cup final takes place in India and Which are the 2 teams playing in the world cup?? India and Sri Lanka.. had it been any other team do you think they would still be able to get that many audience??? ... Same in BPL .. final taking place in Dhaka and Dhaka is through.. I think they wanted Dhaka and Chittagong to play in the final that's why all those drama at the last moment.. But Barishal spoiled the party.. I don't know how they do it.. it could be a co-incidence but evey time the local teams are there in the final makes me think twice... I could very well be wrong .. As I said it's just a conspiracy theory and you could say I'm making stuffs up as KRB lost it
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