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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
Haha. What a joke. As if Mr. Samir kader Cho owns the whole CTG ?

Mate you are just a Franchisee, if you are not comfortable then withdraw your application from BPL, some other Franchisee will own the CTG team. And no franchisee signed the deal with 'Game on', so if you wanna go, please go. No big deal.
Bro, it's definitely not a joke to the CK supporters. The fact is injustice has been done to CK. It doesn't matter how great BB is playing at the moment or how they have outclassed CK in their last meeting. The fact is according to the by-laws CK should have gone to the semi final. You simply cannot apply two different rules for three teams stuck in the same situation.
It's not about how many other investors have already lined up to buy a franchise. It's also not about whether Samir Quader Chy owns the whole CTG or not. As a franchise owner, he has invested a lot of money and has every right to be upset if he finds out that he's not getting what he's legally entitled to. The fact that BB is playing awesome is totally irrelevant here.
I would be very upset if I was the franchise owner. As SQ Chy said he is happy to go if they give him back the money he invested. If i were the franchise owner, i would not be that lenient. I would definitely claim the money for the time I spent in this charade.
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