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Yap.....controversy was there but that is our middle name.....but it is better to have a headache than to have no head at all......BPl is a part of our cricket evolution...where our first class cricketers (not just our national team players- one should remember that only the fortunate few gets to play for the national team ) can get a decent pay cheque...gets to play infront of camera and intensity...share dressing rooms with big stars and hopefully in the future games get spread to divisional cities which will result in developing this day and age any pro sports cant sustain without investment and is a fact and is just part of the evolution process and unless you evolve you get is true that t20 can be detrimental to other forms of the game but turning a blind eye to it wont make it go is just a natural process of has evolved from timeless tests to six day tests, to bodyline tactics..Packer world series and so on......packers world series which was more of a joke to traditionalists with colour dresses and all that are ancestors of the present day odis's which is our bread and better now days....and surely t20s are not the end of the evolution process...for better or worse changes are we have to adapt, be sustainable and take evolution in our strides....because those who dont evolve becomes extinct...
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