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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
Yup, just think about it...local players bought at bargain basement prices, say $20k - even that comes to 16-17lakh taka. That is a significant amount of money for a lot of people, and for these youngsters, money that might just give them the luxury to continue pursuing cricket, and only cricket, while not having to worry about a day job.

Congrats to everyone involved with the BPL - it's easy to criticize and even easier to not take a risk. Obviously everyone did this with the money in mind, but is that such a bad thing?

Our large fan base makes the BPL(handled correctly) a really attractive alternative for a lot of players. Lots of money in the game more money for the teams to play with, I can see the BPL potentially making a serious dent in the South African and NZ T20 comps.
yap you are right.......i think a lot of people gets confused in terms of foreign investments and offshore markets..infacts it is government policy irrespective of affiliation to have investments so that more jobs are created in this case it is our cricketers and other subsidiary roles getting engine of the cricket economy are tv deals now you want to penetrate to markets in different countries .....just like you want to export your products to different countries......e.g. geo telecasting bpl in pak and making money through ADs and than paying a premium to the host bradcasters who than can pay to other stakeholders including bcb....this is the reason why bcci dont let their players play in bpl....they dont want their market to be exploited....because playing indian players means more tv viewership in india and thus a better tv deal..
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