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Originally Posted by shakibrulz
So, the tourney comes to an end then, finally. How do you rate the tournament?

One main con I could think of is the organization which has been awful - the whole semi-final conundrum ruined a fairly decently organized tournament. Other than that, I can't complain much more. Production values were much better than expected, quite a few Bangladeshi players did shine, and it would encourage more youngsters to turn to cricket - and take it as a serious career option. Hopefully the overall quality would improve the coming years.
Nice thread shakibrulz.

Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
The Good - the concept, entertainment, competition, overseas stars, buzz - everyone at my hospital from the department heads to the nurses, reception people, tech guys, cafeteria staff, OPD, Pre/post Op patients, friends and family all across the waiting rooms...spoke of nothing but the BPL.
The Bad - ticketing fiasco(the more expensive tickets need to be rethought - they are the seats that continued to stay empty and it takes away from the atmosphere, save for the SF matches and the Final)
The ugly - the brouhaha over the SF spot, the standard of fielding overall(a real let down), the media whoring by the owners and finally Bindu - Go away already.
well said turbo da

Originally Posted by Dhakablues
The Good:
- Star wars Episode I ( BPL 1st version pulling Gayle, Afridi, Pollard, Murli etc.)
- The return of the King- Lord of the Kings- Mashrafee bin Mortuza
- The black panther and The Grey Elias Sunny and the army of SLAs
- Act of Valor - Shakib Al Hasan
- The Gladiator loving mob

The bad
- No country for old men or young and restless ( no pacers)
- Moneyball meets Wall Street ( spot fixing, players unbelievable salaries)
- Bollywood Dhamaka meets Lahore/Punjab warriors ( Sheena vs. half pak teams)
- Father of Cricket interview!!
HHS...nice cute lil' summary Dhakablues da!

Great Tournament.
Congrats BPL for successfully completing it.
I believe our BPL would be the next big thing after IPL. As Murali said it...we did something that SRI or PAK couldn't do...we arranged BPL and now completed it successfully without the blessings of BCCI. Next year, I wouldn't be surprised to see big players from India, Srilanka, and other nations..oh and if u miss siddons..he will be here as well
-- Alwayz with !!! Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, and a vision!
-- Bangladesh are the Runners-up in the 2012 ASIA Cup!
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