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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
Congrats to Shakib - not sure it's possible to love a player more than I love him. He won't always be on the winning side, but there is no questioning his effort, heart or skill.

So, pleased he won the Man of the Series award - one that was well deserved.

This was no token award, given to please the local fans, but one that correctly recognized a player, who with both bat & ball was truly a joy to behold.

His interview was superb - making sure to mention the disappointment that Khulna didn't make it to the final, but also being gracious and congratulating Dhaka for their win. Acknowledging the love the crowd has for him, and the hope that the BPL will continue to be an annual fixture of not only our cricketing calender, but that of the cricketing world.
Congrats the man...very proud of you!
wow...very matured and smart interview from Shakib...loved it.
See...this is the BPL effect. In a way he's promoting the BPL...'cause he knew the world was watching...This BPL would be a wonderful opportunity/platform for our local/national players...because of BPL, I believe our players will get opportunities in other places such as county cricket and other T20 tournaments.
So, Alhamdulillah.

Originally Posted by playmaker
He is a Gem, a master, a model as Lal said

Hope BPL makes youngsters turn to into players with at least 80% of the talent of sakib

The man is a winner, and it will take one heck of a cricket team in which he cannot get in
Indeed..we're very proud to have him. MashAllah.

Originally Posted by dash
well done shak....lal for once called it right...indeed a role model for anyone one who wants to pick up cricket in bangladesh and all over the addition to his skills he has the persona which robin sing mentioned in one of the interviews and i would add a character to stand for what he believes..which is something that seems not to come naturally to us Bangladeshis these days...
I'm happy to hear that...and we already knew it
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