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"We did think about whether recommending people shouldn't go but in the end thought it should be a matter for individual judgement and we gave people a fairly clear briefing that they needed to go in with their eyes open and a few things to watch out for."

The PCA will undertake extensive debriefs with the county-based players who have been involved and expects the same from FICA before their recommendations are put to the ICC. "It's highly likely that FICA will do some kind of structured feedback from all the players with a particular focus on minimum standards and lessons to be learned," Porter said. "I think we will make a representation to the ICC about the establishment of basic standards for this kind."
All I see, PCA people are desperate to get associate with a potetial big pie. Desperate to get few job with fancy title, somekind of clearance or monitoring job is in their mind. They find it as a business opportunity, thanks to Mushi comment on payment, was pure ignorance and such ignorant people should know the range of his own authority, before open his mouth.
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