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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Is there anywhere we can send our love and support for this man? He really made many of our days. I mean sure at the end of the day, one can say it's like he's doing his job, but then the service he provided is beyond any voucher.... He is sincere. He is honest. He is exuberant. Danny if you are reading this we love you man and hopefully you will be back next year. (Btw you rock those punjabis!)

Let us also not forget Pat Symcox. Another GREAT personality.
Yeah, these two are simply great, it would be [in]credible if they join BC. lets ask Ian for a hand. Arun also did his part within his limit, another dedicated and sincere guy. Cant just left Sheena out [courtesy], she tried her best and BPL needs better. Shamim, the home boy wont complain much, if we fail to put him in the list?
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