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Originally Posted by i_1_primeval_man
Danny was a delight to listen and watch.
Pat also did his part very well.
I think sometimes we got over critical of Arun Lal. Sure he made some gaffes, but he always talks (not only in BPL) good about Bangladesh cricket and the cricketers. Also he knew many ex Bangladeshi cricketers with whom he played with and many Board members and owners. He could share with the viewers who's who which others could not.
And I cracked up every time Rohan kept staring at the camera saying over to you after finishing an interview. He has got this simpleton look in his face which is really amusing. Not to mention his 'shordi jorano' voice and raps.
But I am surely not gonna miss the so called 'voice of Bangladesh'. If I could, I would tonk him away.
Chorom kotha bolsen bhai! Hashte hashte pet betha hoye gelo!
So it goes.
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