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Originally Posted by Crisis
I was disappointed that the whole tournament was way too Indian. What was the point of calling it a BPL then? WBPL ( West Bengal PL ) would have been a much better name.

We brought Indian stars , Indian singers and then there were Indian dancers. The anchor was Indian ( Sheena ) and she had this 3rd class Indian accent that Indian call-centre folks have. With the interview with Ershad, how many times did she say I AM ???

Didn't we have any Bangaldeshi beauties who can speak better?
Within a month, it wouldn't be possible to recruit someone from BD, I think Sheena did a decent job. THey did try.. don't know if you noticed, they were playing ad of "if you think you can host, send in your CV with picture."

Our connection with coaches, players, and media parties around the world are very limited. Hence we needed the advisory of Arun Lal, who I believe has a big heart for Bangladesh. I think Gavaskar JR did a decent job too.

About indian stars like Bipasha, sadly, she has more star attraction than most BD stars. I mean end of the day, you don't wanna see Moushumi or Moonmoon to brighten your stage, do you?

While we are at this, I also wanna address the issues with too many Paki players. See, most of the other countries were involved in their own domestic league. India didn't even let their players come. So who are we left with? Other than the spot fixing scandal, I think paki players in general performed.

When Ash was nervous in semi final, Afridi came down and gave him a tap on the head and next ball WALA.. SIX runs. I mean that really makes me wonder how much our players miss out on a proper role model. Especially in case of players like Ash.

Despite all the controversy, I think BPL was a success and I can't wait for the second edition next year.
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