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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
No one is having a cry...but show me a trophy presentation and photo op, in ANY sport, where the captain is 3 rows behind where the trophy is?

Go on...NFL/NBA/NHL/WC...

Captain/HC/Owner - these three tend to be the center of attention, yet Mashrafee is an afterthought. Is Mashrafee going to lose sleep over it, No. Am I going to lose sleep over it? Again, No. But it goes bug me a bit.
I can show you tons of cricket ones where the captain lets his players celebrate while he stays in the background. It's the captain's choice, no body organizes it. He takes the trophy first, and then he lets his men take care of it (Or may be his teammates just doesn't even care that he is in the background while they hog the flashes). IDK why it happens a lot in cricket, but it just does. (May be cricketers are more modest than those other sports.)
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