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Originally Posted by zsayeed
Good thoughts Fagun Bhai - astute and perspicacious!
God forbid the whole world starts thinking alike. You need competition in everything - that is progress. No one person should have the final say. No one institution either - that is why US has 3 branches and UK has the bicameral system. Checks and balances.

We have seen how volatile situations create group-think - the thought process shuts down. What has been done in Iraq was a result of group-think - and nothing good is yet to be seen out of there. The group think was so far fetched that even the great nation across the pond chimed in as well. What was the world thinking! And still is.

God forbid the day when all the world think alike.
a short and cute analysis that woke me up.

I think you mean groupthink - a groupthink model – a quantitative study in Cold War - the hypothesis of this model was being built over the 19 crises during the Cold War. In turn, this groupthink was a direct political and diplomatic outcome when in 1947, Harry Truman declared NATO Pact – which immediately gave rise of WARSAW Pact.

The groupthink model was based on the fear of communism and imperialism along with deep mistrust. This groupthink strengthened both groups but persisted in the world with mounting tension and uncertainty with a threat of another deadly war.

The core assertion that the existence of certain antecedent conditions within the groups of decision makers resulted in defective decision-making process, which in turn, are linked to poor policy outcomes, often fell short to face a rational and peaceful outcome of the crises, furthermore, escalated to war and bloodshed.

Thus most of the political decisions are the product of a collective effort of these groups that the world helplessly observed in Iraq War, Vietnam War, and Afghan War etc.

The fear of NATO was communism until 1991. After the collapse of USSR, the fear of communism was considerably getting weak and weak, and then at last, it turned to be Islam phobia.

The only benificiary of this faulty but effective in some ways groupthink model is Israel for her existens and expansion. Her illegal expansionism is already mixed up with the Islam phobia - a ghost much smaller in real life than it is portrayed by the groupthink.

***zsayeed bhai, I tried to sharpen my dusty/rusty IR knowledge. Any opportunities for growth will be appreciated than depreciated. pock pock .
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