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Originally Posted by zsayeed
^ nice post FA Bhai. Groupthink is what I meant. It has not worked. The Bay of Pigs was the first dire debacle. And in 2001-2006 with majorities in House, Senate and Executive branches it went rampant with dire world situation.

Groupthink does not work, it is a fallacious precedent to dire actions.
For example take the WIKI analysis
High group cohesiveness
Structural faults:
insulation of the group
lack of impartial leadership
lack of norms requiring methodological procedures
homogeneity of members' social backgrounds and ideology
Situational context:
highly stressful external threats
recent failures
excessive difficulties on the decision-making task
moral dilemmas
It is what in genetics would be referred to as in-breeding. And with sufficinet in-breeding the outcome will be deformed - as with so called 'moral' decisions that have been taken in very recent history. It is an Achilles Heel in the so called world of checks and balances, there were no checks neither balance.

You are far too modest, it is clear from your writings you are much more well versed in IR and have good handle on analysis of IR.
Wow! Another critical analysis on groupthink from a thinktank. Seems to me IR was your major.

zsayeed bhai, the bigger the failure of this poorly-designed groupthink is, the better it is convincingly and surely for Israel and the worse for the rest of the ME politically and diplomatically, because even though this under-whelming model did not work well for the West undoubtedly, however, some significant and lingering traits of this anecdotal model still exist exceedingly in the group in well-concocted polarisation and foresighted objective and strategic decision making for global dominance, power and resource-grab while carefully and simultaniously maintaining the most coveted and well-designed interest of Israel under the ghostly camouflage of over-whelming portrayal, by the groupthink, of 'apparently deadly' Islam Phobia.

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