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Originally Posted by Jadukor
Bangladesh, srilankan board shud bar their players from participating in ipl. Once this is done australia might also follow as they have their own big bash tournament. Let bcci run their tournament without overseas players and sponsors

You seriously think Bangladesh barring their players from IPL is going to have an effect And what is the overseas sponsors you are talking about in IPL ??? If anything it is Indian companies that are advertising overseas. The great kamla pasand was advertising in Aus

SL will have an effect but they need BCCI more than ever. BCCI can afford to not play SL for a very long time (we played them almost every other week in the past..we were playing against them even in the world cup...even in Australia). SL on the other hand need money to pay of debt.

BCCI is paying Australia through Champions league (where Aus gets 30% of profit) to not cause problems to IPL.
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