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If it is true, I show nothing but my utter disgust to this PM and her corruption and this heinous murder! Shame on you PM Hasina! Can you do this, in one hand you have a hand in murdering the parents and in another hand, in the public media you foster the murdered the couple's child as a saviour, protector! I despise this regime, this hypocracy and I also hold responsible the public for voting these kinds of culprits to power like Hasina and Khaleda and then do nothing when they rape and ransack the land through and through!!!

I respect, love and admire my Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and my President Zia-ur Rahman! But I must say both of them fathered a bunch of Kulangars, scumbags and destructive elements for their people and country and raised some very bad seedlings and failed to sow the seed of humanity, true education and any genuine love or care for their people and land!!
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!
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