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A big congrats to Vladimir Putin....I admire Putin and I have the greatest of respect for this man, leader! Salute...although their is some corruption, man-handling with ballots here and there during this election, I know he still deservingly (spell+!) won this election....May Putin bring glory to the great nation of Russia, I would go to a rally to support him and take his leadership and call him my boss any day! Russia and the Russian people are extremly rich in history, art, understanding of life, literature, music and all the other things that a human being needs beyond technology, arms and science! This rich nation can only be better under such good leadership! All the best to President Putin and Russia!

Regarding Russian action/mistreatment, massacre, organized rape of the Chechen people, the Georgian muslims by the russian forces/troops....I understand nobody wants to give away their province, land, people, nobody wants to let another destroy theri united federation and a greater country, but I hope and pray that President Putin would be kind, humane and more tolerate toward the Chechen people's cry and try to understand them, help them, co-operate with them, not just systemically destroy them, it is Russia's duty, responsibilty to act humane and understand the pain of the Chechen people if she wants to maintain this whiole federation a united org. I do denounce a specific Chechen seperetist Terrorist groups taking hostage and later killing of 100+ russian school children, I despise this cowardly utterly blinded hateful act....things like these will only hurt the Chechen people and her cause!
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!
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