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Its not that difficult to stop Pakistan. Based on what I have seen, Score 240+ and you are on the driving seat.

Here are Pakistan's scores in last 5 ODIs: 237, 222, 230, 130, 177, 250........
Doesnt look like a high scoring team. But they have played fairly well with the bowl. So regardless of batting first or second, Bangladesh goal should be to take a slower approach. For example, try scoring 150 by the PP (after 35 overs) with 3-4 down. Than target another 40 in the power play overs and last 10 overs, its not asking much to go for run a ball to give a total of 250.

I would like to see Shakib, Riyad and Mushy for the 3, 4, 5th slot respectively.

Bowling: why worry? we have Mash-Shak-Sunny combo..... nuff said
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