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Originally Posted by Murad
Selecting Ash was wrong and then dropping him was wrong as well. Loitta did a good job in dropping Ash. It wasn't the right to interfere but it was required. He wasn't performing that well in NCL and didn't deserve a call (he said it himself). They should let the guy gain some confidence in domestic cricket for about a year.

Selectors 1 - Loitta 1 = 0 Case closed.

And now selecting Tamim was wrong as well. He is totally out of from. His last 10 scores are so poor.

Selectors makes 1 wrong - Loitta makes 1 = 0. Case closed. Akram shouldn't complain. If tamim is dropped then a new guy gets a chance.
It is not about who is playing well and who is not. It is about who is responsible for what. Selection committee is supposed to pick the team and loitta is supposed to keep the [edit] interfarce out. And you are supposed to cheer for the team, and not pretend to be the selectors.

Are you the Nati of loitta btw
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