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Originally Posted by MSM B2C
I am really Disappointed with Bujhee Kom, why suddenly decide to get MSM B2C and Bengalipagol post and state that we intend to bring unneccessary tension. Yes, You have more than 20,000 post, but I don't like you interfering, MohammedC Bhai has answered for himself, and I did not agrue with his post, Why are u?
And what sort of unneccessary tension do you see? It is just a game, Not world war!
I feel really bad and insulted, Maybe you are some sort of head round here.
Arrey MSM B2C, Ai Bujhee kom, I really undesrtand a very little, a bit of slow!! Mohammedc has a hot temper ! Don't misunderstand me my dear bro! I misread the posts and I am very sorry, never want to make you feel bad or hurt your feeling!
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