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Originally Posted by teamindia
1. Why is he called with love by BD fans as lotus?
2. How is he elected? Do they have elections like in BCCI or is it like SLC where they get appointed by BD govt?
3. If he is a politican, why is he putting his career in jeopardy by sending team to Pakistan? Either he seems stupid or working with full heart to bring cricket to Pakistan.
4. Why has he not been able to arrange a tour with India? Sharad Pawar (another politician) has lot of influence in the BCCI board and is also part of the UPA govt. which has good relationship with Hasina. Why is he not playing some politics to arrange a tour?
5. Is he fit to lead the ICC?
6. Should he work with SLC to probably change BPL to SBPL?? Both boards have good relationship with BCCI and they should be able to get some INdian players if they ask the lords nicely ..probably sell the rights to Sony BD has the money and SLC has the players. The current BPL is going to have problems getting a champions league ticket whenever Indo-Pak relationships go down.
We don't need any Indian player. Well, we may consider to give chances to some Indian players if BCCI begs to their lords in BCB
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