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Default Wrong info

not based on any consistent showing on the part of Bangladesh in longer version of cricket( 3 days and above)against foreign first class teams such as A teams or state/county teams.
Doesn't West Indies National Team, West Indies 'A' team, England 'A' team, MCC team (MCC team full of first class players) mean 'foreign first class teams?

Or, Is the England and West Indies not test playing nations? Ok, that was a bit harsh on my part. I apologize for this paragraph.

We have played well and drawn against those teams in 3 day games that was available to us. Those were only after the World Cup 1999 - if you search with your hearts out, I'm sure you will find more teams that actually played games against us - for example, 'unofficial tests' by Sri Lanka and others.

My point is, since this person have wasted his valuable time in typing all these things about Bangladesh (against Bangladesh's test status), then why didn't he mention about those games? Perhaps, he/she could have researched a little bit about Bangladesh and then waste his 'valuable time' on Bangladesh.

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