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This man has tried so very hard and has come up with some same old crap! He sounds like a by-born Bangladesh-Hater!!

I'm sure by 'some fans' he means the Banglacricket forum members.. and he surely visits this forum without appearing himself in any way..

At this point, I wil Quote another Member's strong reaction (he is very probaby another Indian) to my comment "India are the Biggest Asian Critics of our Test Status"... here is his protest:
Originally posted by savyasachi
I object to the designation of India as the biggest Asian critic of BD. If it wasnt for the BCCI, BD wouldnt have got their test status when they did.
to savyasachi: Pls go and visit this forum thread where this long posts exists and read the comments by your fellow countrymen and then come back try to hav the same voice!!
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