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Sorry about the rant the other night Leafs fans ! I had beer drenched all over me when the scuffle broke out in front as they were getting kicked out. I should send the dry cleaning bill to Toronto Maple Leafs

Sohel bro, the more I watch and think about the Red Wings, the more impressed I become. Year after year they have to draft late, because they are always in top four, and yet they manage to develop guys that fit their style and system, who become stars. If I may, I can draw a parallel to another team that is close to my heart- The Pittsburgh Steelers. We also draft late every round in late twenties or thirties, but never misfire. Always get the right guy for the SYSTEM. And, its been like that for decades, just like the Wings. Pens had the good fortune of really stinking for four-five years after bankruptcy, but the return has been great in first rounders for four straight years ( all high picks )- Fleury-Malkin-Crosby-Staal. No complains !!Blackhawks are another team that had to go the Pens way and doing great.

Huge win yesterday vs Bruins. Nine in a row. Malkin is for Hart. He has carried this team on his broad shoulders. This is a different Malkin. After the injury shortened season last year, he went back to Russia and worked his tail off. Now, he is great in face-off ( once a weakness ), great along the wall and impossible to move and back checks like a demon. He doesn't do the blind back passes any more. He plays Bylsma system to a T now. His talents were never in doubt, but now he is a better all round player. Staal is becoming a great player. He too missed a lot of time this year. Now, the big question mark is Sidney. The fear is always in the back of mind. I am happy he is coming back, but I do realize he is one hit away from prolonged absence. Such a shame. He was on his way to greatness until some dipshit named Steckel decided to drive his forearm on the back of his neck. I am worried and have no expectations. Pens are a contender, but, in playoffs it takes more to become a winner. Luck, hot goalie, key injury can derail everything.

Very impressed with Rangers this year. Philly is a superb team. Devils are back and no one wants them with Broduer in net. Bruins are fast and strong. So, many contenders. I don't think Ottawa can this year, though they have been a great story.

In West, watch out for Blues. They are a hard team. Red Wings are of course the no.1 contender, followed by Blues. Preds are good until two rounds. Sharks are pathetic and will miss playoffs. Canucks are good, but in Luongo, no one trusts. Blackhawks are dark horse, though they have goalie issues. Its gonna be Red Wings vs Rangers/Pens/Devils/Flyers. I just don't see any team in the West as well rounded as Wings. All seven teams on West have major holes.
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