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Default Announcing BanglaCricket Awards 2011

After a 4 year hiatus, we are pleased to announce the relaunching of the BanglaCricket Awards.

We had intended this to be an annual affair but, unfortunately, were unable to do so. We are nevertheless pleased to make it happen again, albeit 4 years later.

Our special thanks to night_wolf who took the initiative to restart the awards again. He solicited member input for both categories and nominees and came up with the award categories you see. You should also pat him on the back for the award graphics.

Once again, we have create a special sub-forum - "BanglaCricket Awards 2011" for this year's awards. We have three additional categories this year making it 18. There will be one poll thread per award and the voting will be open soon after the end of Asia Cup 12 and will close April 7.

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