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I had a chance to scan the West. Admittedly, I am not too up to mark with the West, since Pens are on the East and I get to watch more East teams than the West. Saying that, the playing field in the West don't impress me much sans Wings. The traditional power houses along with Wings have been Canucks and Sharks. Cancuks are inconsistent lately and Sharks are underachieving big time. Outside of Wings, the Blues are having a terrific season. When we played them early, they dominated us physically, though we won in OT ( Pens are like 14-1 against West this year !! ). They are a hard team. But, in the end, maybe to inexperienced for the playoffs. They have a great tandem in goal. Preds are tough as usual and they seem to be going for the Cup this year. But, Wings have their number, so unless something gives, I see Wings beating them again. Now, Chicago is a complete dark horse and you can never count them out, but they have severe question mark in goal. Good one night, bad the next, but they remain a super team. Dallas is having a good season but I don't think its a cup team. Despite all the injuries, I feel like Wings are the best team in the West and best suited for playoffs and with those playoff experience. I think the traditional power have shifted to the East this year from West. In the Atlantic alone, you have Rangers ( having a tremendous season ), Pens, Philly ( just scary with Giroux ) and of course the Devils.

It is going to be Wings vs Rangers/Pens/Philly/Devils ..write it down..
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