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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
Bhai when are you going to see mistakes of Ashraful?
Originally Posted by BANFAN
I saw it 10 years Back, even when he was the best in the team. Like Today's Shak..... and if you try to do any tweaking with Shakib today and mess with him, you are going tondislike me.... just as you do for supporting Ash...

No worries yet...
Originally Posted by Dilscoop
I'd like to reply to BANFAN's post, but I don't even know where to start. I thought it was some n00b, but when I looked at the user id, I'll be honest, I was really surprised.
Originally Posted by riad
don't be surprised .... I stop arguing with him about Shak and Ash loooong time ago .......
hehe...argue with BANFAN vhai about Shakib and Ashraful...forget about it!
...BANFAN vhai vs Orayanna di ---> chaliye jan apnara!
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