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A Message to all our players:

1. Tamim - you got your fifty, answered your critics, paid respect to your uncle, felt really good about yourself. Now that all that is behind us it's time for you to start thinking about the team and to setup a win for us. Get us a big score and win a game for your country.

2. Nazimuddin - i like your batting. There is a quiet aggression in your game. You don't bat like a fish out of water ala khocha nafees neither do you bat like its a test match i.e kayes. You look comfortable against both spin and pace and you possess a fearsome hook shot. I think you are a good find for us. Carry on.

3. Jahirul - you give the term unpredictable a new meaning. One good shot followed by an ugly slog. Only you know what prompts you to commit suicide time and time again after you are reasonably set in your 30s. As a number 3 you need to look for singles more and boundaries less. You have the power and the tecnique to succeed and i Hope you have learnt your lesson in the last game.

4. Mushfiq - everyone knows you are a busy cricketer who likes to get on with things. Hold youserf back from playing cross batted shots too early and play in the V. If you get stuck in we will have a cool headed finisher to partner shakib when the crunch time comes. Its time for another century.

5. Mahmudullah -you have a good average so you certainly know how to bat. Reducing margin of defeat will not save our cricket too much longer. Show us what you can do in a competitive game.

6. Shakib - don't be frustrated. We all know you are not getting the support you should but if you give up than we have no chance. We know india will target you early, Be the champion we know you to be and that will be enough for the day.

7. Nasir - you are a fearless cricketer similar to shakib. You seem to be unfazed by reputation or match situation. You have all the big shots required off a number 7. You are the perfect partner for shakib and can really take the pressure off him by scoring freely. Repeat the innings you played last game and there won't be any Gul or ajmal to stop you this time.

8. Mashrafi- imagine the match you are playing is a news paper interview and get all that wisdom out into the match situation. There is no point realizing what needs to be done when the match is already over. Be the mash of 2007 and we got this.

9. Razzak - You copped a lot of criticism and i am not sure if you will hold your place. Against india i would still play you because of your experience in bowling during the power plays. If you put in an economical spell, it would help our chances immensly. I do hope we wont have to see you bat.

10. Shahadat - don't know what to expect from you man. Whether you will go for 100 runs or pick up handful of wickets or do both really depends on that turbulent mind of yours. All the best anyways. Ps dont forget to aim for Raina's head with deep square leg in place.

11. Nazmul - i have a feeling you will get tendulkar. I hope the foster parents play you.
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