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Originally Posted by shakibrulz
I'm sorry am I reading this right? Which are the other similar circumstances where he couldn't "finish off"?

If Razzak and Mashrafe can't even properly negotiate over without the retarded wild slogs, not his problem - and he played well with Shahadat, except that he made an error in judgment with the single and was clearly pissed off about it.

Okay this must be clearly a joke - he created opportunities during every spell of his - bowled almost all his overs during powerplays and still ended up as the most economic bowler of the lot with 2 massive wickets of Akmal and Afridi. I don't exactly know what your definition of "effectiveness" is exactly?
So what's your point?? He couldn't have done better right? None should expect anything more from him right? That's his ultimate capacity what he has done in that match right? And we should jump up claiming that he is the greatest of all ... For that performance??

Read my first post on that match and you will know what I said, if your answers to all the above are positive, you aren't a Shak fan, just you are out to make him and the fans complacent with what he achieved and be happy with it...sorry I had to say that. And for one second I haven't blamed Shakib for that loss, but what I said instead is that, if he could do those he would be among the greats. It was a good performance but I don't find it great from any angle.

So what do you mean, Shakib should never communicate with the tailenders at the other end because they are all professional cricketers? What Imran communicates with Akram it means Akram wasn't a professional, or for that matter Miandad, Inji etc etc many others batted with the tailenders whth the non professional tailenders or they were inferior than Mash and Razzak with bat??

To answer some of the other posts: (Didn't want to waste a post count by answering)

If you are new to Bangladesh cricket then you won't definitely know when Ash was the best in the team. You needed to watch the matches we played since 2001 to find out whe he was the best. Even with his so called eid innings, he was the best with bat for quiet some time.

You can be blind supporting Shakib, but doesn't mean Shakib doesn't deserve his criticism to keep improving. He is the best we have now, but don't try to put everyone on an anti group for criticism. It needs guts and a rational mind to criticize someone you genuinely like. I know as a nation, we are very bad in it. Get over .... And it's your irrational mind always likes to bring in Ash to defend Shakibs criticism. Try to keep arguments on the comments made. If you knew my family or Back ground, some people would even bring that to defend a criticism, such is the culture. So I would request you to please keep it more objective:

Well, if you think that Shakib has done the right thing by not communicating with the tailender, say so and say why.

If you think it would worsen things if Shakib would have walked upto Nasir after hitting two boundaries, say so.

If you think Shahadat bowled worse than Shakib in that match say so

If you think that's what Max Shakib could have done and that performance makes him the greatest cricketer of all time, say so.

When Kapil dev had to score 175 to win the match against Zim in WC 1983, he didn't complain about others not contributing... That made him great... Greats don't complain about others and they do the job themselves to win a match....and those performances makes them great...I'm sure Shakib won't complain being in BD team, coz that gives him much more chance to be a great, but some loser fans started so much of complain and repent him being in BD team, are definitely creating obstacles for Shakib .... To achieve what he is able to and is expected to achieve. Greats need to win matches and we have had good support with bat and ball even in the last match against Pak, for him to do that.
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