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Originally Posted by BANFAN

To answer some of the other posts: (Didn't want to waste a post count by answering)

If you are new to Bangladesh cricket then you won't definitely know when Ash was the best in the team. You needed to watch the matches we played since 2001 to find out whe he was the best. Even with his so called eid innings, he was the best with bat for quiet some time.

You can be blind supporting Shakib, but doesn't mean Shakib doesn't deserve his criticism to keep improving. He is the best we have now, but don't try to put everyone on an anti group for criticism. It needs guts and a rational mind to criticize someone you genuinely like. I know as a nation, we are very bad in it. Get over .... And it's your irrational mind always likes to bring in Ash to defend Shakibs criticism. Try to keep arguments on the comments made. If you knew my family or Back ground, some people would even bring that to defend a criticism, such is the culture. So I would request you to please keep it more objective:
I feel obliged to respond to the bolded part since I feel these are reply to my post. I was fortunate to watch Ashraful live in the stadium many times during the time you mentioned. So no, I am not new to Bangladesh cricket. I would still maintain my opinion that Ash was not the best batsman in the team, let alone the best performer. The best batsman was Bashar. I remember Bashar used to score so fluently in test matches where as Ashraful used to get bogged down most of the times apart from his Eid innings.

And about bringing in Ashraful to defend Shakib's criticism, let me humbly remind you that this time it was you who brought in Ash. You said, back in time Ash was to the team what Shakib is now.

I understand that you like to think different and may be think yourself as a maverick. But thinking different does not always resemble a rational mind and reflect that one has guts as you have suggested.

I agree with most of your other comments. Yes, Shakib can definitely be better and that's what he should strive for. And yes, he is too early in his career to be called an all time great, but he surely is going that way.
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