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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Again, why do you think that will make me happy?? Why do you think, I'm talking Ash Vs Shakib??

Infact you know some people use this Ash card when they run put of words. I hope you aren't one of those... it's not about Ash or Shakib, they are both individual cricketrs of the sqme team and let's talk about them individually. Let's not make them like BNP/BAL. Hope that will be good for all of us. Request all to please get read of such partisan thinking.
Originally Posted by i_1_primeval_man
I feel obliged to respond to the bolded part since I feel these are reply to my post. I was fortunate to watch Ashraful live in the stadium many times during the time you mentioned. So no, I am not new to Bangladesh cricket. I would still maintain my opinion that Ash was not the best batsman in the team, let alone the best performer. The best batsman was Bashar. I remember Bashar used to score so fluently in test matches where as Ashraful used to get bogged down most of the times apart from his Eid innings.

And about bringing in Ashraful to defend Shakib's criticism, let me humbly remind you that this time it was you who brought in Ash. You said, back in time Ash was to the team what Shakib is now.
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