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Default Two comedians

Yeah yeah. That's all what the brainwashed mullahs say whenever questioned about their religion.
Right! I am the incorrigible "mullah" who only yields to your "logical prowess".
I actually hoped for a $hit-free discussion this time unlike the previous one but unfortunately, shitters never change! Talk about Mullahs?

Lemme see, I have changed your opinion from "right" to "partially wrong" in the matter of two posts. I am sure if I can apply some more of my logical prowess, I could produce a full convert out of you.
Again the egoistic "I". I am sure unfounded-WMDs had nothing to do with it. Besides if you read my posts carefully again you will see only one consistent notion there! I do not see any changes of opinions.

Suffice it to say, I just told you a fraction of what I know.
Alright omniscient deity, no more necessary. Facts are facts! There is Gravity. Sadddam is evil. No matter what amount of database you pull out to prove them wrong, I promise you won't be tried for heresy but I can't gurantee that you won't be trialed for Stupidity! Like I said 91 gulf war was Hussein's fault - thus your "facts" to blame US don't hold!

Anyways, go on with your derogatory reply now! I am done here....

Now Pundit - long time no see.
I didn't know you were that funny! You should write more often. Although I must admit the sip sip gulp gulp thing was a bit corny.

Serious answers: Yes I will get the opportunity to vote.
My thought process and the voting has nothing to do with it. I try to be objective and not to be a hypocrite! Ex of hypocrite: living a good life in America, practicing all American thing but cursing it whenever possible! Often seen among Middle Eastern men.

I am not too sure about INS criterion if you are looking for some holes for yourself but the Constitution of United States says that you can not vote until 18 years old. I was a year short last time!

Illegal weapons are weapons you don't have permission to possess.
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