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Originally posted by Orpheus
but Saddam was MOST likely to cause another 9/11. So we just removed a potential threat. (As I stated earlier, he DID have illegal weapons. We may not have found WMD but he did have the potential to develop em).
How do you know that Saddam was MOST likely to cause another 9/11? Before the war started Dubya and Blair showed so much evidence that Iraq had enough WMD to blow up the UK in 45 minutes. So if they knew about these weapons beforehand why is it taking them more than 4 months to find them?

Yes they some had illegal weapons.. Scud missiles that travelled an extra, what was it, 30km? LOL that is SUCH a threat.. Mobile labs that contained traces of Helium.. wow another big threat.

I'm sorry but these are lame excuses to blow the $hit out of a country and kill in excess of 3000 innocent civilians. And the fact still remains - the US was under NO threat from Iraq, and Bush and Blair told lies in order to go to war.

Originally posted by Orpheus

Like I said 91 gulf war was Hussein's fault - thus your "facts" to blame US don't hold!
Yes, the gulf war was Hussein's fault, but the US is hardly as innocent as you claim. In July 1990, the CIA and the Bush Snr administration knew full well of Sadam's plans to invade Kuwait. In the same month the US Ambassador in Iraq Ms April Glaspie told Hussein "We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait." Now, what the hell does that mean? You guys can do whatever you like we don't care.
Of course, from hindsight we can now understand this laize a faire (sp?) attitude of the Americans..

Originally posted by Orpheus
Serious answers: Yes I will get the opportunity to vote.
My thought process and the voting has nothing to do with it. I try to be objective and not to be a hypocrite! Ex of hypocrite: living a good life in America, practicing all American thing but cursing it whenever possible! Often seen among Middle Eastern men.
It's good that you are trying not to be hypocritical. I think some of the UK muslims (mainly of Paki origin I might add :P) are the worst. But that doesn't mean you have to be blindly patriotic and be blind to the wrongs that your country does! There is a saying that goes along the lines of.. one of the most patriotic things you can do is to question your government and its doings.

Even if this whole war fiasco doesn't change your mind about the total incompetance of the Bush administration, surely the current state of the US economy should?

Originally posted by Orpheus
Illegal weapons are weapons you don't have permission to possess.
Do you have any idea how many illegal weapons your own country has?
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