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Originally Posted by Spitfire_x86
India didn't lose because of Tendulkar. They had 33 runs to defend from last 3 overs, and they still lost. We needed 39 from 39 against Pakistan, but we lost. Pakistan had Gul, India had Praveen Kumar/Irfan Pathn. Hafeez played a similar innings for Pakistan, but nobody would've blamed him if Pakistan lost that match. That's the problem of being Tendulkar.
They lost at the moment, not because of it. 2 different thing. There are more than just one "because" in an outcome.

It all adds up in the end. Only the bowlers will get blamed because they were suppose to defend. If India was chasing, and they came short, then Sachin's inning would've been criticized. Whether India lost because of Sachin can be argued for ages. There are many innings like. But either way, he did play selfishly. He can deny it on the press conference saying all that, "Never looked at my score, was only looking at the team's RR, don't care about milestones..." but those are lies.

I love Sachin, he is a pure gentleman and a great sportsman, in any sports, would love to have his stats as a player. But as an outsider, he wouldn't be my first choice.

He is a LEGEND. But he is NOT a match winner. He never was. This will hunt him when he retires.
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