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Orpheus -

Quote :

"Shame indeed, not because it was conducted but because of the WAY it was administered."

I do not blame you for coming to such conclusion. You will believe in what is shown to you.

But you if are really interested in anything or want to have some knowledge about something, I request that you first do your homework in that matter. Only then you will have the option of knowing the truth.

You definitely have not looked around to really seek the truth. May be too excited and confused about who to vote for.

You know too little about this war/Iraq/ and the intention of US Administration. I myself is not very knowledgable about all these, but I am willing to share something that I believe you are unaware of about your so called 'justified' war.

US have used depleted uranium (DU) weapons(no difference from using neuclear weapons) in Iraq twice and in Kosovo. The effects are still there and will be there for 4.5 billions of years. The effects have spread even to the troops.
To think that Iraq is now better than before, we all can argue about it but only the Iraqis will know how they are now and what their future will be.

Please read this article, hopefully you will learn something new READ" target="_blank">">READ</a>.

I do not want to write a lot about it, because if you are really interested, you will definitely find it out yourself. Its all out there for all of us, we just have to open our eyes and mind to see the truth and realize what is going around us.

And to make it easy for you in deciding who to vote for, frankly wouldnt make any difference. All of them are the same. Just close your eyes and place your finger. Because most likely you will be voting without knowing a whole lot about the candidate. And if you try to know more about the candidates you will be frustrated and disgusted and decide not to vote at all. Now that will ruin all your excitement of being legal to vote for the first time.
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