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The 12 year old i guess settled it with RIAA. She paid around $2000. This is really stupid.

RIAA is giving its last fight. P2P is not owned by anyone. The software is not even owned by anyone. Its freely available for download. If you paid for your P2P then someone out there ripped you off. There is no way for anyone to stop P2P.

This whole thing is stupid because they can only do it in US. What about the rest of the world?

There are more than 4million Kaaza users logged in at a time. If they serve notice to 1% then thats 40000. Of these 40000 they will need to gather evidence, find IP address of each of them from Kaaza (which is a pain staking process!), then they have to contact the ISP of these 40000 for address of these people, and then serve them the suit. What will this accomplish? What will scaring 1% will do? Not to mention Kaaza is not the only P2P network, which creates even more work for them.

RIAA should spend more effort on producing quality music than fighting the last battle against MP3. They should figure out a differnt business strategy, MP3/MPC/AAC is here to stay and P2P is here to stay aswell.
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