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Default Expectations, Excitement & Attitude

First things first. Two wins over India and Sri Lanka, are not a surprise. After so long of underperforming I understand why fans don't want to believe. They have been let down before and so often that everyone seems surprised and shocked when an 'upset' of a win is caused.

But let me say this.

Every coach that has ever been to work in BD has stated publicly the amount of talent is high. It is very high but application of that talent has been the issue.

Dav, Jamie and Stuart as Head Coaches have basically said the same things to each set of players during their collective 8 years or so in charge "be positive, play with no fear and show your talent". All coaches involved scratch their heads because the raw talent is there.

These wins simply prove that when the team plays collectively professional cricket, they can win. Great sides do that all the time. It becomes a habit. Staying calm and trusting yourself is what England, Australia and South Africa does. They lose games along the way but always back themselves to win. Their mindset is a winning one.

India has had an appalling winter away from home. Sri Lanka has also suffered badly in Australia. That's why these wins are not a shock if you dig below the surface. It is a great time to play them both. Pakistan too, were almost beaten in the first match and they lost to England in Dubai and have had issues off the field in recent times. It simply means if BD can hold their nerve, they can win the Asia Cup. Odds are BD will win it.

This isn't about giving credit to any player or any coach. This is about the beginning of a national consciousness to EXPECT victories now and not treat a single win as if the World Cup has been won. I understand the emotional relief of actually winning matches, but the SL win was a complete cake walk. It was an easy win. It simply required people to do their job without being overly tested. And it was truly great to see them do that.

I would hope now that there is a change of attitude to accept wins are part of a developing side. The BPL has had a great effect on the local players belief - of that there is no doubt. Let's use that to drive further forward.

But it starts in the mind. And it comes from people expecting the best, not being surprised if a game is won.

It's exciting to beat any team in a match. Let's all celebrate when that happens. I am expecting it more now though because by simply playing cricket - the job they are employed to do - results will start to come.

My view is expect the best, prepare for it, and that is what you will get - most of the time.
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