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Originally Posted by Beamer
He can still deal him in off season. He is not an UFA. There will be bigger share of teams he can try to fleece. Someone will bite. He is a great winger, but, like you said, a bit overpaid.
The thing is, Nash submitted a list of 4 teams IIRC, that he will accept a trade to. Both him, and his agent have told Howson several times that the number of teams will not grow in the summer.

I think the only team that can up their offer significantly is the Sharks, but it has been reported by Kipper and BMac that Nash does not want to go the West Coast.

Additionally, seldom do you see a player yielding more value in the summer than during the TDD.

I think Howson, or mostly like his replacement, will look back at the Rags offer, and wonder why it wasn't accepted.

That's a mammoth offer.
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